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Learn and earn more from your clients

Seekom is the most effective customer retention solution for your retail or hospitality business.

The most successful loyalty programs* before Seekom reach up to 5% sign up rates.

*Starbucks, Sephora, Nike, and all other white-label solutions

With Seekom, your business is guaranteed to get data from at least 80% of your clientele.

Your data is put into good use.

Seekom improves your inventory turnover and operating leverage, guaranteeing incremental sales and an increase in net profits.

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Our AI system differentiates between your frequent and sporadic customers.

Frequent customers are enticed to increase their Average Order Value (AOV)

 Sporadic customers are incentivized to make unexpected purchases at your business


The client makes a purchase



Receives a voucher with personalized conditions that guarantee incrementality and maximize profits



Uses the voucher before expiration with a minimum spend


The only loyalty solution that does not make you incur any losses.

Seekom ensures discounts are only applied when that purchase would not have happened otherwise.


Nothing to Lose and All to Gain!


Benefit from effortless digital marketing

Thousands of customers in your area will discover your business thanks to being listed in the Seekom Explore tab.


Your business will be featured first in your customers' Explore tab, where they'll be shown your offers, product catalog and other details that encourage future visits.

Supercharge your business

Gain access to a real-time dashboard with 20+ new metrics that help you run your business better.


Build a base of loyal clients that consistently choose you over your competitors.

Offering vouchers boosts Word of Mouth, increases your brand awareness and brings more customers to your store.


No setup fees

Data consultancy included

Up and running in less than 24hrs

Support <5 minutes away

Works with any POS system

Cancel anytime

Tried-and-true method for retail and hospitality businesses of all sizes to increase their short-term and long-term profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do customers receive the Seekom voucher?
    First-timers provide their phone number, which are securely anonymized and won’t receive any publicity. Seekom users simply show their unique QR code.
  • Can I have employee accounts?
    Yes, we provide you with 2 types of account: admin and employee. Admin accounts have all the features from employee accounts (in case an admin is at POS), and additionally allow editing store details and have access to the analytics dashboard.
  • What hardware do I need?
    You most likely already have all that you need. Seekom is a mobile-first system. Some of our merchant partners decide to use a dedicated phone at POS, but many also use their personal devices. The software can also run on tablets and computers.
  • Do you integrate with my online store?
    Yes, we integrate with e-commerce platforms on a bespoke basis. Please request a demo for more information.
  • What if we have other promotions?
    Vouchers can be programmed to be non-cumulative with all other promotions, such as discounted products.
  • What is the setup process like?
    We first conduct an onboarding meeting, where we create admin accounts and walk you through testing the system. We then provide you with all the necessary training materials (the learning curve is very small) and create all the employee accounts. That’s it! You may now start reaping all the benefits Seekom offers. Whenever necessary, we will conduct complementary training sessions with you and/or your staff.
  • Do you offer support?
    Every Seekom business comes with a Merchant Success Manager who is dedicated to making Seekom work for you. Set up your account, train your staff, talk through your program’s data – our team of real life humans are here to answer any questions you have along the way.
  • Can the voucher be redeemed at any of my locations?
    This is completely up to you. Vouchers can be programmed to be redeemable either only at the location where it was created or at any other of your locations.
  • How are voucher conditions determined?
    Our AI learns what the optimal voucher conditions are from experience with all our merchant partners, leaving no room to guesswork. Given that Seekom knows the purchase frequency of each of your customers, it can determine with certainty the perfect combination between increasing AOV and frequency.

Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive from our merchant partners

Still got questions?

Do not hesitate to book a no-commitment demo with one of our specialists by tapping on the button below

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