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Seekom for Business

Learn and earn more from your customers

Increase your profits 10% to 20% in up to 100 days, or your money back.


Experience the power of incremental sales


More recurrence

Make your clients come back more often and earlier than planned


Higher AOV

Incite your frequent clients to spend more each time they visit


Higher net profits

Make sales that would not have happened otherwise

Discover the unknowns about your business

Easily convince the majority of your client base to sign up. All of our merchant partners achieve it.

Put a face on your sales and learn about your clients like you never could before.

Gain access to 20+ new metrics that help you run your business better in a real-time dashboard.

sign up rate guaranteed

more sign ups than any other tool


Benefit from effortless digital marketing

Thousands of customers in your area will discover your business thanks to being listed in the Seekom Explore tab.


Your business will be featured first in your customers' Explore tab, where they'll be shown your offers, product catalog and other details that encourage future visits.

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