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One App,
Rewards at Multiple Shops!

Why Us

Discover all the benefits of shopping with Diskontu by downloading the app through the links down below:


Rewards for each purchase at any store

Never leave empty handed


No more spam emails or useless apps

All offers under one same roof without any distractions


Full transparency

Always know the rewards you'll receive on your next purchase


No more points

Only receive real rewards, such as discounts or early access to new products


Explore local stores

The most complete directory of businesses close to you

How It Works

How do I use Diskontu?

Checkout out our YouTube channel for more tutorials and tips!

Also feel free to ask us any questions or give suggestions by sending a message to our WhatsApp :)

Are you a local business?


Increase customer retention

Encourage clients to return through personalized rewards


Know your clients

Understand who is buying from you and adapt your offerings to suit their needs


FREE highly effective loyalty program

Be able to outcompete big brands in less than 24 hours


Digital exposure

Bring in new customers and more sales by being listed in the go-to local shopping app

Start using Diskontu in your business!

Click on the button below to access a form to show your interest in Diskontu for your business. Depending on your selection, we will reach out to you with more information or you will be able to be up and running in less than 24 hours!

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